Usuthu Embraces Festive Season with kids from Malvern Child and Youth Care Centre

Usuthu Embraces Festive Season with kids

Amidst the jubilant air of the Christmas spirit, a remarkable gesture of goodwill unfolded this week as AmaZulu Football Club opened its doors to the young and needy.

This heartwarming event, which took place earlier this week, saw the children being treated to an exclusive open day at the club’s training grounds, coupled with the joy of receiving Christmas presents from their heroes.

Club captain, Veli Mothwa, articulated the profound significance of bridging the gap between the club and the future stars of the rainbow nation.

“We are happy to be closer to the children and share everything with them,” said Mothwa. “I think it means a lot to them because it’s not something that they get every time. So, I feel like we touched their hearts, and they touched us also.”

The open day provided a unique opportunity for these youngsters, offering them an experience beyond their everyday lives and creating cherished memories that will resonate far beyond this festive season.

Philani Ndlela, the club’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), emphasized the significance of this gesture, both for the club and as individuals. “This means a lot to us as a football club and as individuals as well,” Ndlela expressed.

“Knowing very well that these are children from the least fortunate backgrounds, it was always important for us to start our celebrations by giving back to the kids.”

The club’s commitment to uplifting the community and nurturing lasting connections is evident in their aspirations to continue such initiatives. Ndlela highlighted this vision, saying, “We look forward to forming more initiatives with such institutions so that as a brand, we can grow and remain relevant to the community of South Africa, KZN, and specifically, the community of Durban where we are based as a club.”