AmaZulu continues to empower players beyond the field through ABC

AmaZulu Football Club has once again demonstrated its commitment to the holistic development of its players with the successful hosting of the fourth edition of the AmaZulu Business College last week. The event, aimed at senior players and technical staff, provided invaluable tips to help them navigate life’s challenges both on and off the field.

New partners Elangeni TVET College were on hand to offer players with essential skills that extend far beyond their football careers, ensuring they can take care of themselves long after retiring from the sport.

One of the highlights of the event was the engaging session led by Skhulile Ngobese, who is Operations Manager at Cloud Therapist. Ngobese spoke candidly about her experience addressing the predominantly male audience on topics such as mental health, particularly in the context of the prevailing issue of gender-based violence (GBV) in South Africa. Despite the sensitive nature of the subject, Ngobese found the audience to be receptive and interactive, indicating a positive step forward in the club’s understanding of mental health and its impact on players’ lives.

Ngobese emphasized that such conversations not only yield positive outcomes holistically but also empower players to grow through introspection. By fostering an environment where players feel comfortable discussing mental health, AmaZulu is not only supporting the well-being of its athletes but also contributing to destigmatizing mental health issues within the broader community.

Augustine Kwem, AmaZulu’s Nigerian forward, echoed the sentiments expressed during the session, particularly emphasizing the importance of financial planning for professional athletes. Kwem highlighted the relatively short career span of footballers and the need to manage funds effectively for life after retirement. He commended the club for organizing sessions that address vital topics like financial literacy, underscoring the tangible benefits it offers to players.

β€œI think this helps us because compared to other professions who can work until retirement at almost 60 years or at almost 15 years, financial planning comes in handy. I think the average is about 10 years if you are lucky to be playing as a professional. You need to manage your funds. At least now this important session takes a step towards this kind of education, so I think it’s quite beneficial,” said Kwem.

The AmaZulu Business College stands as a testament to the club’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals, not just skilled athletes. By providing resources and opportunities for personal and professional growth, AmaZulu continues to set a positive example for football clubs worldwide.